Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 | Day 22

Day Twenty-Two

I know it doesn't look like it (to look at the photos) but I have been at this on-and-off all day and most of tonight.  Slowly tweaking with paint...and waiting for the paint to be dry enough...then retouching the touch ups.

About where I started from today...adding in the black for his legs...that brush is so skinny, but my hand just got shakier as the evening wore on.
Where I stopped for the early evening...drying again.  It needs a lot of touch up work of the yellow (glad I saved the mixture).
This is where I just stopped for the night.  I think now all I can do is go back at it (maybe on Sunday) and touch up the outer edges of the yellow with the black that is on the background.  It will never be "perfect" but I don't really want it to be.  I'd like it to be similar to the teensy bearish creatures.

I think I have four main problems right now...and they are all self-imposed...and not really real problems, just pokey stuff.  

   1.  I have been working on this too many days in a row.
   2.  I am painting on a surface that is far from flat and even...all those inclusions in the background paper that have been painted over are a challenge for me to paint a straight skinny line on.
   3.  Tomorrow is the artists' reception for the big group show I am a part of...getting pretty antsy about it.
   4.  I just realized that tomorrow is also supposed to be the day that the juror results are posted for the show I recently submitted work to.  It would be waaaay cool if I get something in, but I really really doubt I will.

Okay -- enough for tonight!

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