Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 | Day 13

Day Thirteen

I've been thinking about bears a lot today...I really like bears.  I was also looking at the Biteyou collage/painting and wondering what the heck I can do to finish it.  Maybe it needs bears!

I tried drawing a few bears -- and believe me, it took a long time.  I finally looked at photos of bears and got a better idea about where I was going wrong.  And of course, these will be bearish creatures not actual bears.  

These are two of the bearish creatures I drew...I did about ten of them...THEN I looked for inspiration...something just wasn't right.
I needed a roundier back end more movement for the legs.  I cut out a version of the drawing.
I taped it to the horizon line -- but I needed something else...
...I love repetition, so how about a whole line of them?  I traced around the cut out with a white Prismacolor pencil...not sure if I will keep them or not.
I like the idea of them...not sure if these are exactly what I want yet. 

Next will come a bunch of decisions...do I want to keep them in the first place...do I want them to be just a white outline of a black creature...should I fill them in with a solid color...should they maybe be just filled in with the interference blue paint that makes the glow around the orb...or maybe a different color of interference paint -- as if the glow is creating the illusion of them.  So many questions.

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