Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 | Day 15

Day Fifteen

Tonight I painted the teensy bears behind Biteyou a black that is darker than the painted black paper behind them.  I think they look more glow-y again.  There was a whole lot of breath holding during this process and by the end of the last bearish guy my hand was getting fairly shaky but I wanted to finish them.  Alas, I messed up the very last edge of the very last one and had to go back a few minutes ago and try to mix up a small batch of paint to match the others...I think it turned out pretty well.  I like it better now than when it was messed at least there is that.

My starting point.
Halfway through the third bearish creature...
...there, they absolutely look glow-y again.
The other two.
A parade of teensy glow-y bearish creatures.
The overall view.
The messed up edge of the last guy.
The fixed last guy.

I would really like to get started again on Biteyou himself, but I am still not sure where to go with him.  The background might not make much sense, but at least those little bearish guys tie the painting together.

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