Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 | Day 7

Day Seven

I have spent most of the late afternoon and all evening with the plaster cloth rabbit guy and the really long horns guy.  I have come to the decision to not rush either one of them...I cannot finish them in time for what I had in mind.  I will keep working on them and work towards a deadline in June sometime.  I might enter a couple of collages instead -- still on the fence about it.  I am happy with my decision(s) -- not let down or upset with myself.  I want to do a good job on both of them and there just isn't enough time for this particular upcoming deadline.

This guy needs a lot more work -- I was kidding myself that he is "almost done".  He has a lot of areas that need reinforcing and I still have no solid clue about his outfit.

I love this guy so much.  I spent so much time with him today and I still have no idea of his color scheme.  I need to experiment more with his horns, too...I want him to turn out really well.

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