Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 | Day 17

Day Seventeen

Terri described our outing as a "quite a whirlwind of a day" -- and it truly was!  Franciney, Juana, Terri, and I got together to go see art and have lunch and then -- as an added and unexpected bonus -- an iron pour.  Wow!

Mostly because I am editing this post the following day (and cannot remember every detail) I am going to just list the venue above the photos and let the photos speak for themselves (instead of captioning each one).

First, Juana and I swung by Woods Gallery to pick up some postcards for the group show we are in that has its artists reception on Friday...more on that as it gets closer.  Then we went back to Juana's house to wait for Franciney.

Next we met up with Terri at The Scarab Club to take a look at the current exhibition "The Mundane Show".

Next stop was Detroit Artists Market to see "It's Like Toys In Here".

Then it was on to Popps Packing in Hamtramck to see the last day of "New Strategies:  The Chess Show".  We also got to meet the two canine residents Zola and Zeus...Zola stayed with us to play.  Franciney purchased a wonderful artwork by Teresa Petersen.

And then we were all really hungry.  We'd been wanting to try Johnny Noodle King in Detroit and happily, they were busy but not so crowded that we had to wait to be seated.  Oh my goodness -- the food is incredible!  I have no doubt we will go back again some time.

It was still fairly early when we finished out fabulous lunch and we've never been to 555 Gallery and Studios and we wanted were hoping to see the show "Show Love".  As it happens, the gallery is open for opening nights and then by appointment.  We lucked out in that Carbon Arts was doing an iron pour and we got to see that AND look around inside.

Such a great day of great art, food, and surprises!

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