Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 180 - 365/2014 (another post a day late)

Day One Hundred Eighty

Man -- I have really been getting behind on posting to the blog.  Oh well, I am posting now.

I was looking at these two repurposed canvas/collages -- ones that I have been having a hard time finding anything in.  Today I took them out to the living room and set them against the wall across the room, hoping distance and shadows would help.  It did to some extent, but (so far) I'm not in love with either of them.

I won't bother to show all of the bazillions of photos I took of all of the different orientations that I kept turning the canvases to...that took all afternoon.  I kept coming back to this one guy in the first collage...a kind of a sort of giraffe-creature-guy.

The second collage was just not giving me anything.  I finally ended up deciding to try something a little different -- I chose a decorative paper in the color I wanted to use and tore it (freehand) into a sort of a creature shape...then I adhered it to the canvas with matte medium.  After that I decided to add a freehand-torn circular shape as a moon or sun or something.  And later I decided to center some circles on the yellow paper and pierce holes for stitching.  

I will paint and draw and stuff on top of the blue paper of the creature.  I will continue stitching the floss into the circles.  I am not sure if this sort of thing will work with a collage this size but I am going to keep going with it -- get it out of my head.  And I only made it through one "lap" of stitching tonight -- after all of that piercing I could only do one large circle.  Each circle gets stitched in one direction, then the opposite way, to make a solid line of stitches.

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