Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 166 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Sixty-Six

My house is finally getting a much needed paint job.  I am in the process of selecting the color.  It is funny how much different the same color looks in different lighting...shade/full sun, afternoon, evening, etc.  The color I am going with is pretty close to the color I had in mind.  I hope it turns out well -- I put my tester paints directly onto the wood (like I was advised to do) but the painting company will be prepping and priming first.  I wonder how much that will change the final outcome.  Oh will be close.

The four colors of green that I got testers for.  (The swatch on the top and bottom are the same color.) 
After this test strip I decided to eliminate the very yellow green.
So it was down to these three all around the and bottom are the same.
Again...this time left and right are the same.

I think the house will blend in with all of the trees and bushes and grass and look okay.  And I will be able to further describe which is my house when giving directions by saying "it's the green house".

All of the tramping around through the greenery/vines/beds kicked my allergies into high gear.  I spent most of the day and evening in and out of snoozing with Benadryl.  I got next to nothing else done.

When I went to start trimming the business card/labels for the backs of my Animal People collages I was sorely disappointed to find that they are too skinny to cover the block all the way.  Geez -- I wish I could find a way to get my old photo program to work with the new OS on my computer...gah!  Oh well...back to the drawing board I guess.  Just more delays is all.

I realize it is a small problem and that probably I am the only person it matters to, but it does matter to me!  I will rethink this...again...and come up with something I am happy with.

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