Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 156 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Fifty-Six

That fairy/cat collage has still been bugging me for "something else" -- I thought I'd give hand stitching a try.  In the end, I think I probably overworked it a bit (I should have left off the light green stitching that goes across the fairy's neck -- I should have just stuck with the two sizes of stitched lines) but oh well...I like it fine.   I like the stitching around the dot a lot.

This afternoon I scanned the fairy's head and cut-and-paste it into my Pages program so that I could try drawing  the stitched I wanted to add -- to see how it might look before actually piercing the canvas.  It turned out to be a little more challenging that the stitching on the postcards from a few weeks ago
Ready to get started.
The back of the canvas after the first bit of stitching.
Making holes for the stitching -- I used a regular sewing needle...oh, my hand.
It is working just fine.
The back of the canvas...I got the dot stitches pretty darn even!
But now it is time to call in the big guns...the piercing tool I used for the postcards.  I should have started out with this but I couldn't locate it earlier.
I wanted to add just the shorter stitches (pale green) but then I talked myself into it not being "done" enough -- now it is a bit and learn...I still like it, though!
It is hard to see the stitching, but here it the "finished" collage...I think.

Earlier this afternoon I played around with making labels for the back of my Animal People collages for Art-o-mat by using a template in my word processing program.  My good 'ol trusty photo program is no longer supported in my computer with the latest update of the operating system so I've had to find a workaround for myself.  I am not very computery and once I learn how to do something I like to stay with that method as long as I can.  I no longer know how to print things in the sizes I want and I can't seem to get the hang of it in my newer photo program...oh well.  This is a big part of what has held up me with finishing this one hundred block set of Animal People.  

So this is a page of the "business cards" that I came up with to use as a label for the back of the Animal People collages.  At least I think this will be what I use.
This is enough for tonight -- I half-thought I might try working with some plaster cloth tonight but no.  I need to go to bed early and re-try doing the sleep study that got messed up last night.  I have things to do in the morning/early afternoon tomorrow and then it is the opening reception for West of Center.  Wow.

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