Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 179 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Seventy-Nine

Today and tonight I have been wrestling with the from scratch goat-like guy.  I really want to get started on the plaster cloth wrapping/building but I had to give in and admit to myself that he really wasn't stable enough to work on.

I hung up another clamp light at the far end of the basement and took the from scratch goat-like guy down there to work on him.
I added more cardboard to strengthen his back -- so that it could hold his head.
Then I taped the head in place so I could start to plaster cloth it...but then I sat down and really looked at it and had to admit to myself that it needed to be more stable.
I decided that another board at the top of his legs would maybe keep them from wobbling...but I had to cut another piece of that board to fit...and this time I had to do it by hand...for ME, this is a huge job.
I removed the papier mache rock and laid the structure up on the table on its side.
I added the board that I cut and attached it with corner brackets.  I do not understand why this had to be so difficult.  Yes, the angles were tight, but come on...I was totally drenched with sweat by the time I was done.
Then I figured I better make some makeshift things to secure the tomato cage to the new board.
I added four of these to the top of the new board...this isn't moving at all now!  Again, tight angles...I had to do these by hand with the screwdriver...the drill wouldn't fit in there.
Then I decided that the papier mache rock might be better used in a different project and I really wanted this guy to be made out of scraps from the basement...I crammed a box into his chest area -- it fit very tight.  The flat part of it held the head in place very well when I tried it.
I need to strengthen the box with more cardboard and shape it a little more, but this is a good start...I am beat for tonight.
I think it feels a little better I feel like it is all my work.  I am sure I will do something really cool with the papier mache rock that Ingrid gave me...but it will come along sometime in the future.

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