Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 152 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Fifty-Two

Today was Day One of art intake for West of Center at Northville Art House.  More than half of the artwork has been delivered, tomorrow is the last day.

The table for art intake, all set up for us.
Bob and Joanne at the table, Kurt in the foreground looking up from holding Bella (the chihuahua) on her leash.

Also today (and this evening) I have been working on an older repurposed canvas.  I really really like this one.  There were two main characters when I started outlining today, then I remembered two little guys that are turned sideways at the bottom of the canvas and another tallish guy off in the distance on the left bottom side.  Then...a ghost dog started to appear...very cool.  That was all earlier today before I went to intake.  Tonight I was able to find hills that the goatish guy is standing on.  I also gave the ghost dog a little bit stronger outline.  Also surfacing are other guys that I will not be outlining -- perhaps people will see them, perhaps they will find other images on their own.  But I found a pair of stylized odd dogs (one dark, one light...sort of like Scottish terriers with long skinny necks), another rabbit-ish sort of guy, and a shadowed/shadowy mildly strange creature that looks like it has a humanoid body with a kangaroo/rabbit sort of face and head...I also saw a diving fish but I am not going to show you where it is...because, hey...that's just what I see.

The collage/canvas before today's touch up(s).
The goat-ish guy - before.
The rabbit-ish wizard guy - before.
The two little goat-ish pals that are at the bottom (and sideways).
The tallish, off in the distance guy...sort of a badgery kanagroo mix of a guy...without a pouch.
The ghost dog.
The two Scottish terrier-ish with long skinny neck guys.
The other rabbit-ish guy.
The shadowy/shadowed humanoid body/rabbit/kanagroo guy.
The goat-ish guy with a darker outline.
The rabbit wizard guy with a darker outline.
The canvas/collage overall.

I don't know yet if I will continue to color/highlight the main characters and the hills.  Part of me wants to add stitching to define the hills...I need to think about this one a lot more.

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