Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 169 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Sixty-Nine

Earlier today Juana came with me to LIFT while I tried to figure out why my Art-o-mat machine keeps having problems.  I think several factors are in of them being the high humidity this week.  It was working fairly well when we left.  This is an old machine and it might be time to replace a pricey part...I hope not...but for now it seems to be okay.

There has been a storm approaching for the last few days and a few people I know have been feeling the effects of it...I have been, too.  Today it finally broke and rained like crazy.  I guess we had a severe weather alert (I wasn't aware of it) and driving home through the area where I used to live I ran smack into the heart of the really bad storm.  It was pretty scary and tense for a few miles but I finally passed out of the area and things gradually improved as I got closer to home.  All of this stuff has really wreaked havoc on my knees/shins/feet/back/head today.  Then my sister came over and we ran a couple of errands and by the time we were done I was having a pretty hard time getting around.  Picture Redd Foxx as Fred Sanford on a bad arth-a-rite-us day...that is me tonight.  And that is kind of why I didn't get much done today.

I did, however, tape the Creatura Lupus Ursus into the frame I have been papering -- to see if I want to do anything else to it.  I think I really like it as-is.  I will spray matte varnish on it over the next couple of days and then take it (along with the other two pieces I got into the Members Biennial Exhibition at Paint Creek Center for the Arts) out to Rochester for the art drop off for the show.

Here is how the frame turned out and how it looks with the collage.

One of the corners on the back side.
A detail shot to show the creature and the bluish paper both in the collage and again on the edge of the frame.
A closer view -- front legs/belly of the creature and the bluish paper in the collage and on the frame.
The piece overall.

This turned out better than I had hoped for.  I like it a lot.  Now I just need to varnish it (spray matte finish) and add the hardware and hanging hardware on the back.  Yay!

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