Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 158 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Fifty-Eight

I am feeling better today than I did last night, but still not 100%.  I am finding "sitting down/working, but not too hard" things to do.

In my head I really want to get started on some plaster cloth work but in reality I just don't have the energy and doing too much starts the headache up.  So I settled for reinforcing the legs on the new from scratch guy.  I made a mix CD and took it to the basement (along with the Bose clock/radio/CD player) and put some little L-bracket/corner braces on each leg.

I put the wobbly-legged from scratch guy up on the table to work on the reinforcing brackets.
It turned out that they really only needed on bracket each to tighten them up.
The appropriate spot on this leg was split and I didn't want to make it worse... I cut a piece of that softish coppery metal strapping material with holes in it and bent it into the shape of the leg...sort of.
I don't know how much this is actually helping, but I feel better that it is there.
This guy is sturdy enough to pick up and move around now -- I could probably even bring him upstairs to Studio B...but not just yet...I need to make room in there first.
But now this guy is sturdy enough to be picked up and placed on a Rubbermaid storage bin to keep him off the floor and out path of water on the floor finding its way to the floor drains after a rain.

This evening/tonight I have been tweaking the fairy in the fairy/cat collage a bit more.  I finally figured out something else to add to it without making it visually too busy -- at least at first glance.  I added more circles in various size with my circles template in really light pencil marks.  Then I used the heavy duty poking tool to make the holes.  This time I put an old book underneath the canvas and pushed through into the worked pretty well.  I still need to get some sort of grip or something to use with that tool or -- better yet -- use a tool more suited to poking holes to begin with.  I think the tool I have may be an old(ish) dental tool that my mom had in her tools stash...not sure.  A side benefit to putting the old book underneath the canvas is that the holes went through into the book and maybe it will be the push I needed to try altering the book (like I had planned in the first place a long time ago.)

The back cover of the book I was using.
Ha -- the holes pierced through into the pages...and actually pretty far down into the book.
A sample page from the old is from the nineteen-teens.
I like all the textures in the papers of this collage and I like the added stitching.
Looking at the light through the pierced holes.
The back of the canvas -- it is easier to see the three colors of floss here.
I used the pale green, the dark yellow and also a medium yellow for the stitching on the circles.
I think this is a lot closer to being done...not quite, but almost.

Sewing the stitches into the fairy reminds me of the old sewing cards I used to love to work on as a kid.  I was looking at images of vintage sewing cards but I couldn't find any images of the sort of cards I did -- all the Google images were pretty toddler-y like baby animals, etc.  I can't remember what was on the cards I had but I do remember really enjoying sewing them and pulling the yarn back out and doing them over and over again.

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