Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 164 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Sixty-Four

This morning started off with Bootsy modelling my Keeper of Secrets plaster cloth snake guy.

Then I made a run to Detroit -- Detroit Artists Market is having an open call for art called "If You Build It, They Will Come" -- you get to choose five pieces of wood and then decide what you'd like to do with it...2D, 3D, incorporate it into a painting, collage, etc...make a long as it is no larger than 24" x 24" it is up to you how you use the wood.

Arriving at the back entrance to DAM.
The area where you choose your five pieces of wood.
I brought a bag for my five pieces of wood...I had no idea what sizes would be available.
Here are the five pieces I brought home.
I feel very lucky to have found two matching sections (although they are not the same length) of wood that have a deep split in them...all I need to do is pull them apart -- instant arms/legs for a creature -- no sawing needed!

Then I checked my email late today and was absolutely thrilled and delighted to get the jury selected results for the 2014 Members Biennial Exhibition at Paint Creek Center for the Arts.  I am so excited -- I submitted 5 pieces for consideration --  one 3D piece (Djubi) and two 2D pieces (Time for a Nap, Creatura Lupus Ursus) were accepted!   

Now I need to figure out how to finish the frame for Creatura Lupus Ursus.  It is fairly chewed up so I am planning on covering it in nice paper(s) and then sealing it with matte varnish.

Creatura Lupus Ursus -- and the frame that came with the canvas.
The frame is pretty chewed up all the way around.
I was thinking one of these papers might work...
...but then they seemed a little too stark...this paper is used in the collage...maybe I can continue it onto the frame and darken it a bit with ink or paint or chalks or something.

This will take a day or so to think about...or maybe I will just "have" to make a trip to Ann Arbor to Hollanders in Ann Arbor for some new papers -- hmmm...

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