Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 154 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Fifty-Four

I have a pretty big stash of corrugated cardboard boxes that need to be flattened to go out to the curb for recycling, but I have been letting it pile up lately...tsk, tsk.  Tonight I thought I would try to use some of it to give the new from scratch guy a basic shape/outline.  A very basic shape.

Part of the corrugated cardboard stash in the basement...less for me to break down and flatten!
I taped in the new head (formerly the papier mache rock given to me by Ingrid).  I will need to fill in a lot of areas, but this is a really good, lightweight basic shape to work from.  I will also add ears, longer nose, etc...but that is still quite a long way off yet.
Hey...so this is what all of the strategically placed poles in a basement are for...shaping cardboard to make it curvy.
Wow -- that works great -- all I did was lay it on top of the tomato cage and it was good to go!
I  cut tabs into the edges of the cardboard in order to have them bend down to meet the surface of the rock/head.
Hey...a secondary use for the pole...tape holder!
I am trying to secure the cardboard fairly well to the tomato cage grid intersections on the inside...for (hopefully) a little more stability.
Okay -- that took a LOT longer than I was expecting...but here he is in his very, very basic first shape.
I happened to have a thick (used) mailing tube down in my regular parts stash -- it is helping to hold the leg ends of the tomato cage together.  This will be part of the guy's tail and even though I would like to give the tail some curves and movement, this part HAS to be stiff because of the tomato cage legs.
Well, at least it is a little easier to see him now.
I am still thinking up what he might turn into -- no definite plans just yet...lots of ideas, though!

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