Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 173 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Seventy-Three

Today I worked on completing the frame and framing of Creature Lupus Ursus -- one of my entries that was accepted for the Members Biennial Exhibition at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester.  Art intake started late last week and continues through Friday (or Saturday).  Sue and I will take my three pieces out to the gallery on Wednesday.

I still needed to apply matte varnish to the back and front of the frame and to set the canvas into the frame and secure it with hardware and then hardware for hanging.

Taking advantage of no house painting crew today and the still air -- I worked on the frame on the front porch.
I have to say that I am very pleased with the way this frame turned out.  I think this may be my first ever COMPLETED reworked frame -- I usually give up and buy a frame.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to put that strip of bluish paper on the inner edge but I kept avoiding doing it.  I even enlisted Terri and Juana to give me their opinions and they both came up with the same sort of idea.
I had to "practice" hanging this piece on the wall just to make sure everything was right with it, hardware wise, etc.
Yep -- I am really pleased with this.
It would be way wonderful if I sell this (or any of the pieces) -- but I also like it enough to be happy to hang it at home for as long as I need to.
The back of the piece...hardware all in place.
I find it easiest to secure a canvas in a frame with these mirror clips.  Luckily this canvas worked out with the smaller version of the clip because my hardware store only had the smaller ones today.

Tonight I have been applying paper to the wooden plaque that I am using for the Animal People collage for Terri.  We are doing an art trade and I have not been able to work on this collage because I stashed the Animal People that were too large for Art-o-mat somewhere "safe" and they were so "safe" that I was not able to find them up until a couple of days ago.  Terri instantly liked the banjo dog guy back when I originally assembled him.  Over the last couple of days I have asked Terri for some ideas about the banjo guy (she knows someone in real-life who plays banjo) and I am going to try to incorporate some of the things she told me into the collage.  I don't usually do commissions or pieces specifically for someone because I tend to overthink things and wreck what starts out as a good idea.  But Terri was able to give me some general ideas and oddly enough a couple of them matched up with ideas I had of my own for this guy.

Tonight I put some paper on the reclaimed wooden plaque using matte medium.  It's funny -- when I do Animal People I always use a glue stick no matter what I am putting them onto...Art-o-mat block, canvas, plaque, box, etc.  But having just had a successful time with the frame for Creatura  Lupus Ursus I thought I would give the matte medium a try with at least the decorative paper on the plaque.

Glopping on the matte medium -- I have never used it for an Animal People collage before.
Doing the corners with a small piece of paper first...then adding a larger piece of paper to the plaque.
Seems to be going okay...
I wanted to use a single cut-to-size piece of paper for the flat surface of the plaque...I will be gluing on top of this with the collage elements.
Hmmm...not too bad...I think this will be the orientation I will be working with...I like the small areas of blue showing through.  This is still very wet -- I wonder how it will look when it dries.

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