Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 171 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Seventy-One

Another thinking/planning day.  The house painting guys were here today to work on the replacement wood on the house and while they were here with a chop saw I asked them to cut the very ends off of the two pieces of wood I was probably going to turn into arms for the DAM-wood guy.  I will start calling this guy Woodlee (or maybe Woodly) for now.  After the crew left I ran a couple of errands, one of them being to grab some new sanding pads for my electric hand sander.  I'm still feeling pretty poorly today and I'm afraid this has been just about all I can muster.

I played around with the arrangement of the wood pieces again because now I am thinking Woodly will be a 4-legged guy instead of an upright 2-legged guy.  But maybe not.  But probably.  

Jovany, the crew chief, cutting the ends off of the wood pieces.
Cool -- two more pieces of wood to use -- maybe they are ears.
Ta-daaa -- sanding papds in 3 grits.
Yup...Woodly is still waaay under the 24"...should I decide that he needs horns or something.
Another view of Woodly as a 4-legged guy.
Man -- what a sweet face -- can you see what I am seeing?
With the block turned around (and the ears turned a different way) he looks even sweeter. 
I might have to leave him mostly plain wood...gosh.
I will need to do a LOT of sanding on the rest of his parts...this piece is really rough.
And oops...the 4 pieces of wood are going to need to be taped together and re-cut I think.  The block of wood that is the base is not exactly level and neither is his body piece...those legs only have on smooth side...they definitely need to be cut as one piece.
The pile of 5 pieces of wood is growing.

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