Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 162 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Sixty-Two

Gah -- yet another non-creative blog post.  Today was rainy and humid and full of allergens.  It was also about errands and doing the dilation portion of my eye exam.  Tomorrow is 2nd Thursday and I somehow managed to put off all of my household chores so that means tonight I am doing some crash course clean up around here.

This morning I couldn't locate Bootsy anywhere...then I checked my bedroom and yes indeed, Bootsy put himself back to bed...under the covers with one paw stretched out.

A bit later in the late morning/early afternoon my sister Sue came over for some 3-way phone stuff with the company that will be painting my house and then lunch and a few errands.  Bootsy adores his Aunt Sue.

And then this is how my eyes looked when I got home from my eye exam...whoa -- pretty dilated I'd say!  Ha -- they look like eyes for one of my plaster cloth guys.

Well, at least tomorrow will be better blog-wise because I will be able to report about 2nd Thursday!

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