Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 163 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Sixty-Three

Second Thursday group for June!

Tonight I came up with our group activity -- a tribute to an artist who I became familiar with on Facebook...from England, John McKie.  In particular, our inspiration was some of John's creature drawings with cardboard frames.  I asked our members to create a creature and name it and incorporate the name (or phrase if they preferred) in the design of their cardboard frames.  We used Sharpie markers of various widths and colors to make our creatures on cardstock and then used pieces of corrugated cardboard that were destined for the recycle bin. 

While we didn't exactly match John McKie's style or wit, we did come up with some designs that really represent each of us and -- most importantly -- we had a really good time doing it!

The Second Thursday Group for June 2014:  Juana, Jane, Leann, Julia, Terri, and (not pictured) Took
One of my particular favorite pieces by the brilliant John McKie.
Terri's piece.
Julia's piece.
Leann's piece.
Jane's piece
Juana made two creatures while she had them vividly pictured in her head...she didn't get to paint her cardboard frames tonight but she did cut them...she will finish hers and show us the results at a later time.
Juana's other piece.
Took's piece.
I really really loved tonight activity -- I stashed the leftover corrugated cardboard pieces in the guest bathroom -- I want to make a few more.

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Leann said...

Yes, we had lots of fun! Thank you, Took, for coming up with the great idea, supplying us with wonderful juicy markers, providing great eats, and all the hospitality.

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