Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 165 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Sixty-Five

Today before Terri and Juana and I got together I put a layer of decorative paper on the frame for Creatura Lupus Urusus.  The frame is very chewed up in places and the paper covers those spots really well.  I plan on probably darkening the color of the paper a bit once it is all dry...I still have quite a bit more to do as far as papering goes...this is just the first layer on the front.

The papering took about three hours...a lot of tearing and gluing small pieces, and a lot of surface to cover.  I will keep working on it this weekend so that I can work on the color and get the varnish on it before it needs to be taken to PCCA for the Members Biennial Exhibition.

Later this afternoon Terri and Juana came over and we went to the Northville Art House to see West of Center.  Then we went to Mr. Thai for a late lunch/early dinner (very yummy).  Next we went to Riverside Arena to a fundraiser for the Detroit Derby Girls.  That was a lot of fun but the photos were too dark and somewhat blurry...low lighting conditions/long exposures on moving subjects.  And after that we went to Tuscan Cafe for coffees and more conversation.  Such a lovely day with good friends!

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