Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012/365 - Day 270

the yarn bombing snake comes to my house

Sadly, the yarn bombing has been taken down from the front of the Northville Art House.  Remember the snake that was on one of the columns?  Well he has come home to my house!

I needed to stop by the Art House and grab my jacket that I left there last week and visit with Joan and Carla for a few minutes.  I had forgotten that this past weekend was when the yarn bombing was coming down.  It was SO fun!

This is where he used to be -- on the column at the Northville Art House.

Thanks once again to Ruth for donating that perfectly wonderful scarf!

He started out here when I brought him home but I decided that if you could see him from the road or the sidewalk across the street, it would just call more attention to all of my awful weeds.

(Well, as far as a full-on weed bed goes -- it is pretty magnificent...LOL)

After several trial placements he chose this spot.

He is lashed in place with more colorful yarn.  It gets pretty windy up here on the hill and I don't want him blowing all over the place.

For having been outside in all of the weird weather he is holding up pretty darn well!

Now the mosaic cat has a friend until it is time to bring them both in for the season.

A couple of colorful pals watchin' traffic...waiting...

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