Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012/365 - Day 267

such a weird few days

I have been (and still am) very sleep deprived but still kinda sorta least I haven't driven much.

Today after I got home from going to the cider mill and to a late lunch with Ruth I had a very bizarre few hours. (And I know I probably haven't been very good company the last week or two -- I just hope I haven't been super rude -- I have been fighting to stay awake at times)

One example:  I was playing the shiny distraction and I was paused and looking in the game's encyclopedia and my character nodded off.  I knew that was going to happen, but I was on Juana's character's home street so I figured nothing would happen to me and suddenly I heard this odd music blasting from out of nowhere (I had the game's music turned off but the effects were turned all the way up).  Apparently the real life me had also nodded off at the keyboard and there was Juana's character standing next to me.  Sheesh.

So I have nothing to show for today progress-wise or art-wise.  I had a good time with Ruth, this batch of cotton candy easily rivals my number one all-time favorite cotton candy maker.  (I actually had my camera with me when Ruth and I were out and I had planned on "interviewing" the young cotton candy maker but today his mom was not in the hut/snack stand with him at the cider mill -- another adult was -- so I am empty handed for today's blog entry...maybe next weekend.)  (Actually it was probably a good thing I didn't get to talk with them for the blog...I am having a weensy bit of trouble putting sentences together -- especially if I am talking vs typing...struggling with seeming alert.  I wonder -- now that I am back home -- if I was acting strangely or rudely or anything.)

I am going to bed at a reasonably normal hour tonight and reclaiming my beloved daily routine in the morning -- this is so weird!

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