Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012/365 - Day 264

busy day

This morning I went to Juana's to assist her in making a casting of Doug's face.  

Twink jumped on my box of DIY Penciled In art packs (that is bound for Artists in Cellophane -- Art-o-mat HQ in Winston-Salem, NC).  I couldn't get a non-blurry photo of Twink because he wouldn't quit rubbing his face on the cabinet.

One step closer to the post office (in the backseat of my car in the garage.)  

(Which is where the box still is because we didn't make it to the post office, plus Juana wasn't totally ready for shipping just yet.)  

The time always flies by too quickly when I am with Juana and I wanted to beat the traffic back to my side of town before rush hour and the post office was closed by the time I got home....tomorrow for sure!
Juana (and Doug) asked if I would be the second pair of hands while Juana did a face casting of Doug.  I have assisted with breast castings (for a breast cancer awareness project) and I have been on the receiving side of the face casting process but I have never been the caster.  Of course I agreed without a second thought!

When my face casting was done and when we were casting derby girls' chests, just vaseline and plaster cloth strips were used.

Juana did some research and decided to go with alginate for Doug's casting...they have done this once before.  Afterwards Juana would be pouring plaster of Paris into the alginate and plaster cloth form to make the face.

Here Juana is mixing the alginate powder and water in a bucket with a mixing attachment on her drill.  

Once we started applying the alginate there would be no stopping for photos because this stuff sets up pretty quickly.  
So here is Doug with the alginate slathered all over his face -- directly onto the quickly setting up alginate we applied tiny strips of plaster cloth...making sure to leave room around Doug's nostrils.

Here is Doug with the plaster cloth on top of the alginate.

We sat with him while the plaster cloth hardened enough to be able to remove it.

He is so laid back and calm!

Yep...just sitting around the dining room table like any other day.

Doug is pulling off the remaining alginate after Juana removed the plaster cloth.

There's Mr. Smiley Face!

Juana mixed up some plaster of Paris and poured it into the plaster cloth and alginate form of Doug's face.  While the plaster of Paris was setting up she added a couple of screws so she'd have something to hold onto when pulling the mold away from the plaster cloth and alginate.

It was going to take 4-6 hours for the plaster to harden.
Juana and I went to LIFT in Royal Oak to check on the Art-o-mat and to have lunch.

But before we left I got a sneak preview of Juana's newest series for Art-o-mat.

This is a fabulous series of mixed media paintings of various collectible ball jointed dolls.  The title of the series is
"Doll Party!".

Each one is different and is painted directly on the MDF blocks.  They are gorgeous!

A very sneak peek of just a few of the blocks.

(Too much glare from the cellophane/acetate to show more photos.)

And here is a quick pic of a few of Juana's dolls from her collection.

I started this post with a blurry photo and now I'm coming to the close with another blurry photo...long exposures.

I had a great time today visiting with Juana and Doug and being Juana's assistant in the face casting session!

Tonight I saw Ruth for dinner and she had a package in her backseat that needs to be shipped.  I offered to take it to the post office tomorrow with mine.  (This will ensure that BOTH packages are shipped tomorrow!)

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