Friday, September 7, 2012

2012/365 - Day 251

FULL day 

This morning Peggy and I took our -- and Joan's -- accepted pieces to Lowell Arts Council's King Gallery in Lowell, MI (near Grand Rapids).  Peggy drove and the time flew by -- I barely noticed the two hours (one way) in the car!

Here are my collage, Peggy's two collages, and Joan's collage after we unpacked them.

Baby Beast is waiting in the corner, out of harm's way.

 Here Kacey Cornwell and Peggy talk about the show.  

This is a state-wide exhibition featuring 52 artworks from 39 Michigan artists called "Collage, Assemblage & Construction". 
Textiles, found objects, ceramics, photography, mixed-media and more will be shown.

The show will run September 11 - October 21 with the closing reception and awards presentation on Sunday, October 21. 

A group of us will be going to the closing reception and having a look around Lowell.

detail from another piece

detail from another piece

Later after I'd been home for a while I was looking around on Facebook and Peggy had posted that she had one of her two pieces accepted into the Canton Fine Arts Exhibition -- that she had just received her postcard notification.  I dropped everything and checked my mail, too.

And YAY -- one of my submissions was accepted!

My big repurposed canvas collage "Rebel Rebel" was accepted -- I am SO excited -- I absolutely love this piece.

(I called it Rebel Rebel after the David Bowie song because the dog "loves dancing and he looks divine".)

THEN it was time to go to the opening of "Above and Below" -- a thematic fiber arts challenge inspired by Kat Campau.  It is running at Two Twelve Arts Center in Saline, MI from September 4 - October 25.

I was going to go with Leann and Ruth but Ruth couldn't make it and then it turned out that Leann's husband Mark was going to come with us (yay) and we piled in my car and Mark did the driving -- what a treat for me -- plus I was able to finally get to talk with Mark for more than a quick "hello".

Two Twelve Arts Center

Leann and Mark
MAN -- talk about eye candy and intense work!  I am in such awe of fiber artists!  This is another one of those "you really need to see this in person" shows.  Really.

This is a close up of Deb's piece in the show.

I am sorry I didn't write down titles or artists, it was pretty packed in there.  Maybe I can find out and come back and edit these photos...but I wanted to share some of the pics I took.

These two photos are parts of the "above and below"  
of the same art quilt. 


This one is by Kat

This one is by Lynn

detail of Lynn's quilt

Leann giving her artist's talk by her quilt...talking about why she uses skeletons so often.

After we saw the show Mark, Leann and I went to dinner in Saline...mmmm, conversation and really good food.

GREAT DAY (and night)!

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