Monday, September 10, 2012

2012/365 - Day 254

okay, I admit it -- now I am totally beat!

Today I put all of the labels on the boxes, faced the monumental (for me) task of randomizing 300 coloring cards, assigned a main block to the random cards, packed all the boxes with a block with a transfer, three coloring cards, three teensy colored pencils, an information insert sheet and wrapped all of that in a piece of colored tissue paper...then folded open the boxes and put the stuff inside.  I also assigned numbers to each character 1-10 and marked the boxes per the MDF block image.  I am SO done for tonight!

I realize there are a lot of photos to document all of this...but at some point I am going to want to look back at what exactly took all of that time today.  I have been at this for roughly 10 hours (not including a short lunch break and a short dinner break).   Noon to eleven p.m.  I glued all of the labels with a glue stick -- I am out of Xyron sticky backing.

Two other items of note: 

1.   I tried using Leann's magical/mystical/amazingly wonderful way of pulling cards with no repeats, but I just couldn't work it out.  I understand how to do it and I could probably do it with ATCs and 5 traders...but I could NOT figure it out for this application.  It ended up being less frustrating to just lay out one hundred cards and then just start dropping other cards onto the piles and not repeating a pile when possible...adding the MDF blocks with the transfers was easy after that!

2.  I usually do all of this assembling on a lap table while sitting in my chair in front of tv.  Today I worked at the dining room table and although it did quite a number on my back, shoulders, neck, arms and ankles...I DID discover a really cool method for getting the end labels to come out pretty darn straight AND with little effort.  


Leann said...

Congrats. They look beautiful all lined up!


Where do you get your boxes
Great idea
Have you ever thought of using the assembly as a job for special ed students in a job training situation

Asd kids have a great eye for detail and accuracy and wont quit till the job is done

Thats what i did and will do next job

Took said...

Leann -- Thanks!

Glassybits -- two things...

I get my boxes from AIC -- isn't that where you get yours?

I am not a teacher and I have no desire to have anyone else do any part of my process. I generally do not attempt to do everything all in one just worked out that way.

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