Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012/365 - Day 260

another day of shiny distraction...

AND another day of wrapping fifty Art-o-mat art packs in cellophane/acetate.  

BUT, I am actually starting to get a little less enthused about the shiny distracto-game.  I will still play a little tonight to see if I can achieve some things, but then I will be able to start backing off.

In the are tonight's fifty art packs:

Bootsy and Twink think they are going to "help" me do this tonight.

I was able to convince them I could handle it on my own.

art pack number 51 of 100

Ta-daaaa -- the last fifty are wrapped!

Now get yourselves into that box, you lot!

Another kind of shiny distraction -- boxes of a new version of one of my Art-o-mat series -- ready to be shipped to Artist in Cellophane tomorrow!

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