Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012/365 - Day 262

whew!  starting to get back to a bit of normal

Somewhat back to a routine today -- yay!

My wonderful sister Sue came over late this morning and then I actually got dressed and left the house!  I have not been out for four days...not even to get the mail.  A quick trip to the grocery store and then home and then a craving for a reward/treat...so a quick run to the cider mill (cool weather, Tuesday afternoon, next to no line!) for a cider slush...mmm, mmm.

Today I decided to re-shoot the photos for my DIY Penciled In series.  (I make a sampler to keep at my Art-o-mat machines so that people can get an idea of what is in there.)

The light was pretty good for a short while and I use the guest bathroom as a makeshift photo studio to take advantage of the skylight's natural light.  Not too bad for a point-and-shoot set up.

Twink kindly vacates the "Skylight Studio"

The MDF block with the transfer and three blank coloring cards

I think that is my shadow on the block (but I can live with it).

And this is what comes in the art pack:

1 MDF block with transfer
3 blank coloring cards (random selection in each pack)
3 teensy colored pencils (to get you started)
1 information sheet with address for the DIY Penciled In blog/photo gallery and tiny pictures of the characters from the series

I am pleased with my progress today.  I get so engrossed in the MMO games -- that is why I don't usually play them.  It is hard for me to disconnect from the game and reconnect with the real world.  Then when I do it takes quite a while to stop thinking in those terms...I find myself feeling like I am a character in someone else's game and all of the actions I am doing are being selected and clicked on...move forward (and I kind of shuffle along like my character)...click on studio door to leave studio and enter hallway...enter kitchen...examine item...pick up item...select coffee pot...add water to coffee maker...add coffee to basket...close basket...start coffee maker...etc.

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