Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012/365 - Day 245

distressing a frame

On Friday I will be taking my entries for the Collage, Assemblage, and Construction Art exhibition to Lowell, MI.  In the meantime, I need to do something to the frame for my collage.

 This is the original frame that came with the canvas that I altered.  Well, actually, it is the frame for the other painting that I bought on the same day...they are pretty much the same except this is silver and blue and the other is gold and brown...both have cream linen on the inner frame.

 I started by thinking I was going to paint cobalt teal squares all around the linen...but that soon got out of hand and I made it all one solid color, then I dry brushed the thinnest silver part.

The collage looked pretty good in the newly painted frame but the paint was a little bit too stark for me.  I felt like it was fighting for attention with the collage.

You know how much I love my alcohol inks in the spray bottles.  I pulled out the denim and the slate.  I spritzed the denim on first and then put the sprayer into the teensy bottle of slate and spritzed that on as well.

This is being done in the hallway because I am using the light from the skylight in the bathroom to try and see some actual color.  (I laid it out on the back of another repurposed

Well...we will have to see if the alcohol inks dry or if they disturb the ancient finish on the frame.

There were a few smeary parts in a few places, but they may work out okay.

another detail of another area

And you know what happens when I use my beloved alcohol inks, don't you?

I end up wearing more of them than what gets on the project.

Fingers crossed that this frame dries.  Then I will need to figure out how to seal it without disturbing the inks...sheesh.

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