Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012/365 - Day 249

I really flaked out today

Some people are messed up by the daylight savings time turning on and off...that doesn't bother me (except that I hate it) -- but man -- give me a week with a Monday holiday and it really throws everything off...for days.

I have been a day behind since Monday, but Sunday I was a day ahead, and today I was thinking it was Tuesday but it is really Wednesday and I totally forgot about Wednesday Morning at Joan's -- and it was going to be at my house -- geez.

Instead I met Jan up at Tuscan Cafe and we had coffee.  She stitched on one of the last parts of her Art Prize piece.  I work on Tookies prep.  But mostly we talked.  (And all the while I was merrily chatting away in confusion land Joan and Leann were wondering if something had happened to me...Joan even had a giant black crow show up in her driveway and, get the idea.)

 There's Jan at Tuscan Cafe.

So I saw Leann and Joan at the Art House and then I talked with Carla for a while to make sure I hadn't messed anything up while I subbed for her.

And then Lin Schorr and Joan and Leann started hanging the upcoming mosaic extravaganza -- oh my word -- the tiles are beautiful online, but in person they are all breathtaking.  The pictures do not do them justice.  I can't describe them.  I will try and take some photos of the show next week, but man -- you really need to see them in person.  (And of course I didn't have my camera with me because I thought I was just stopping in briefly to talk to Carla.)  OH -- and it is Peggy's birthday today and she came by the Art House and brought everyone delicious candy apple lollipops.  And Jeff made an appearance.

Then later on Ruth came over to work on artist trading cards.  She did a bunch of watercolor cards that are turning out really great.  I kept pulling images...I'm still not feeling it yet.  I really need to be in the right head space when I cut for collage.  It'll come -- just not tonight.

Ruth working on cards...Bootsy in the background.
And this is how that frame that I was distressing turned out.

It was kind of a mess with the alcohol inks and they kept rubbing off.  I ended up spraying the whole thing with "camouflage paint" and it looks pretty good except that it has been so humid and the paint just wouldn't dry to a hard finish and I used a spray varnish on it and it still isn't quite dry.  Overall I like the painted frame but it needs to be redone (and possibly by someone other than me.) 

But for the show, this is the frame I chose.

It is a ready-made frame from Frames Unlimited and it was really reasonably priced...all I had to do was add the hardware.

This humidity should be better in a couple of days -- I look forward to the break.

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