Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012/365 - Day 266

a Saturday afternoon at the Northville Art House

Today I went in to the Northville Art House briefly so that Carla could walk me through the early steps of how she keeps track of entries as they come in for an open call for art.  I've joined the Exhibit Committee and I will be working with Carla on the upcoming end-of-the-year show.  

Instead of the Art House's usual Holiday Market in the upper gallery, this year we are trying something a little different.  The very popular gift baskets raffle(s) and the wonderful wreaths will still be available, but the Holiday Art Market will be held inside the Art House Store.  All of the current inventory will be switched out for a very select offering of artwork geared towards the holidays and gift giving.  The upper gallery will feature an all-media juried fine art exhibit called "Small Works".  It will all run from November 2nd through December 15 with several events planned during the seven-week time frame.

I scanned parts of the call for art to share with you -- maybe you (or someone you know) would be interested in submitting small work for the show:

You can download a copy of the Call for Art form here.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to find the PDF form.

Another cool thing that happened was that two women came to see the "Beyond Borders:  Mosaic Exhibition and Auction" (benefit for Doctors Without Borders) show that is closing this weekend and they came into the store...and were interested in the Art-o-mat machine.  Carla and I told them all about the project and about the submission process.  Then I treated them to their choice of art from the machine and they happened to choose my Animal People collages.  They really liked them.

Jacki B. of Bloomfield Hills (on the left) is a local artist and may possibly check out submitting a series of her own.  Her friend Cathy S. of West Bloomfield (on the right) was also very enthused about the whole project.  Both women asked about the other Michigan locations and took my card and will check out the blog.   I am very glad I just happened to be in the store today and that we got a chance to talk about Art-o-mat...and that Jacki and Cathy got a sort of mini guided tour of the machine and project.  And I hope Jacki does decide to submit a prototype!

You can find out more about how to submit a prototype for possible inclusion in the Art-o-mat project by following this LINK.  There you can see all of the guidelines that need to be followed closely because of the requirements of the vending process -- and these are refurbished vintage machines that are now retro-fitted to dispense art packs instead of cigarettes.

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