Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012/365 - Day 248

mail art and artist trading cards -- prep

Today I got the coolest piece of mail art.  It is from Bridget McAlonan and I became aware of her through William Hessian.  I love following her blog and seeing all the super stuff she comes up with.

So now it is my turn to make her a postcard.  I have been meaning to get back into mail art and send random postcards a couple of times a month, but I simply let it get pushed to the back burner.  This is the nudge I needed to get on board.

I also need to come up with artist trading cards for this month's theme: "orange".  Tomorrow evening Ruth is coming over and we will work on our ATCs together.  

Tonight I am pulling images and ideas from various sources for both projects.  However, I am beginning to really get slammed by the effects of the allergens around me.  I have literally not left my house (as in not even open the door) since Saturday.  Today the air is so heavy and thick -- I ran a few errands this afternoon and now I feel like I have bronchitis...it is that hard to breath.  Sore (and getting numb) throat and mouth, achy chest, fuzzy/numb face...headache that is just taking me down.  So I am going to keep pulling images for as long as I can see straight and tomorrow I will start coming up with more solid ideas.

This is the incredibly wonderful postcard/mail art from Bridget.  

I LOVE it!

Some of the drawers and trays of amassed images I am going through.  The pile on the far left is the pile I am creating tonight.

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