Saturday, September 15, 2012

2012/365 - Day 259

shiny new distraction

Darn that shiny new distraction (online game)!  I lost pretty much the entire day and night playing around.  It is just incredibly lovely to look at and right now I am kinda sucked into it.

But I managed to tear myself away long enough to wrap cellophane around the first fifty (of one hundred) DIY version Penciled In art packs.  Sheesh.

the only productive thing I've done all day

I had a "duh" moment this many art packs have I wrapped in cellophane and I never realized I could do it really really easily if I sit at the counter in the kitchen and use the edge of the counter to stick the tape on as I cut it and grab pieces?!?  Man!

halfway through the first 50

 Whew!  Made it before midnight!

I will be "over" the newness/shiny-ness of the game in another day or two and I will be able to leave it alone for longer periods of time.  And eventually I will be able to play it like a more "normal" person in short blocks of time.  But not yet...LOL.

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