Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 252

a flurry of activity then home to slow down

Ruth and I got together this afternoon for a late breakfast (late for me, anyway) and then a trip over to the Northville Art House and a stop at Parmenter's Cider Mill.

The first thing I wanted to do when we got to the Art House was to deliver the sweet panda portrait to Joan.  This panda reminds Joan of Happy Bear.

This is one of the Penciled In collaborations between William Hessian and me for Art-o-mat.

Ruth was here to see the mosaics show.

I took the opportunity to focus in on a few more of the tiles.

This is "Bombyx Mori" by Cherie Bosela.  The current (as of this writing) bid for this tile is $155.

Under all of the glass and tile work is a photograph of mulberry leaves. 

I looked this moth up when I got home.  It is the silkmoth Bombyx Mori, and in Latin it's name means silkmoth of the mulberry tree.

 This is "Untitled" by Krysite Rose Millich and its current bid is $75.

I love the satin matte finish on these lovely colors.

This is "Blue Away" by Kelly Knickerbocker.

The current bid is $160.

This tile absolutely glows with inner light -- so wonderful!

(detail of Who Recycled)

My favorite piece in the show -- "Who Recycled" by Linda Pieroth Smith is currently at $135.

I am not an owl fan in particular but there is just something about this piece that really draws me to it.  I love the eyes and the colors.

You can keep tabs on the bidding on any of the fabulous mosaic tiles in the Beyond Borders exhibition by going to THIS LINK.  The tiles are on display at the Northville Art House and the auction closes at 9:00 on September 21, 2012.  All bids are placed online. 

What would a trip to the Art House be without visiting with Carla and checking to see what's new in the Art House Store?

And here is Carla packing up Ruth's purchase.

Oooh -- this is new in the store!

An incredible lidded mosaic box on ball feet with a tassel by Lin Schorr --  the artist/organizer of the Beyond Borders exhibition.

luscious sparkling colors...beautiful work


Carla and Ruth

And THEN I noticed that the altered books were on display downstairs in the classroom/lower gallery!  Suzanne Schimanski-Gross is a teens services librarian at the Northville Public Libray -- across the street from the Art House.  On occasion some of the classes that the library offers are held over at the Art House.  This was the case with these marvelous altered books.  "Geek the Library" is a national program to spread awareness of the value of libraries and the critical funding issues they face.  Suzanne taught the class on altered books.

Here are some of my favorite altered books:

This is by Nicholas Bhandari

I love the colors and textures throught Nicholas' book.

The visuals are exciting and fun!

A well camouflaged/hidden pocket!

Another one!

These are a few pages from "Thoughts on Life" by Jane Berry.

I have to say that Clare Ramsden's book was the most intriguing and the collages were right up my alley.

The whole book reads like a fabulous murder mystery.

detail from my favorite page

closer detail

another brilliant page  (detail)

back cover

Next Ruth and I went to Parmenter's Cider Mill.  It was later in the day, so we were lucky to find that the line to get into the store wasn't too terrible...we were also very lucky to go to the cider mill on a blessedly cool and breezy day!  I love Parmenter's is refreshing and not too sweet.  And the apple cider slushes are divine!

There are vendors of crafts and jewelry and dog treats, a fudge hut, a nut hut, picnic tables (watch out for the bees), and the delightful hammered dulcimer and keyboard music of Hugh and Mary Lou Battley.

I put a tip in the cup and made a request for "Buffalo Gals" -- Hugh and Mary Lou play it wonderfully!  I love that song!

That little red barn is what REALLY brings me to the cider mill...

hot dogs, cider by the pint...but most important...


And, take it from me -- it is GREAT cotton candy!

Parmenter's may not have a petting zoo (there are a bazillion ducks and geese down in the river behind the mill) but they DO have this giant raccoon!

Oh...and see off in the background on the left side of this photo -- you can put your face through the hole in the giant apple and take a picture!

What a fun day!

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