Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012/365 - Day 253

tubing and cutting

Today I finally got tired enough of manipulating those gigantic carpet tubes on the back stairs landing.  They have nearly gone through the glass panes on both the back door and the kitchen door (several times), I have come close to tripping down the stairs because of them and I am tired of them falling on me and/or near me and blocking my way. 

Yes -- those three hard cardboard carpet tubes are huge!

I had to do the prep work/masking tape on the dining room room in the studio right now.

Bootsy insisted on "helping".

I will probably need to do the plaster cloth work on these longer tubes down in the basement.  Even if I cleared space to work in the studio, I think they are just too long to deal with in there.

One of the tubes had a taped on part that I decided to leave on.  I didn't want to tear the surface by taking the old tape off.

Plus, it could be the foundation for a neck of a snake later on.

There.  I moved the container that holds the prepped cardboard tubes to a place where it is out of the way.

Before, I thought the other tubes were long.  I thought I was going to have to cut some of the middle-sized tubes to make smaller ones and maybe join one set to make a longer one. Now I have a good variety of sizes -- and I think they will probably all become some sort of army of snakes.


I think that somehow they will be grouped with that army of round headed guys (built on the tomato cages) and they will all become one installation.  Mind you, I've never even tried to make something as involved as an multi-pieced installation...but right now it is feeling that this is where all of this is headed.  (interesting side note:  I just noticed when I added the link about the round headed guys that I finished the sixth one almost exactly one year ago!)

 Also today -- time to start to finish off the DIY version of Penciled In for Art-o-mat.

I have everything I need to put together 100 art packs for this edition and this was an afternoon (and early evening) of cutting labels...paper cutter and hand cutting with the big scissors.

Bootsy thinks he is going to derail me by laying next to the pages.

Twink steps in to show him how it is done.  

(Bootsy is taking a play-swipe at Twink but the camera was too slow to catch it.)

Twink is trying to show Bootsy you have to lay on the pages, not next to them.

Twink's occupation of the pages delayed my progress, but did not derail it totally.


100 information inserts
100 caution: small parts labels
100 series labels (top of box)
200 end labels  (one for each end of the box that could show in the column in a machine)

I am out of Xyron refills, so I will be manually gluing all of the labels with a glue stick.  Waaaah, poor Took.

First I need to figure out how I want to fold the info inserts and package up the block, insert and colored pencils. But that is for tomorrow.

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