Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012/365 - Day 257

2nd Thursday -- September

Wow -- we had EIGHT people come to the 2nd Thursday group tonight!  Two of the people are new to the group -- Julia and Ruth.  Carla led the activity and we made bead+wire pendants.

Starting on the left and going clockwise:
Carla, Ruth, Joan, Leann, Julia, Peggy, Deb
(and me taking the photo).

First Carla had us make a basic shape and add a bead or something and then we passed the starter piece to our right and we worked on each other's pieces until they had all been passed around and we got ours back.  They come back SO different from how they started out -- it is so cool!

Julia, Peggy and Deb working on pendants.

Joan and Leann working on pendants.

Carla working on pendants with Ruth in the foreground and Deb in the background.

My piece when it returned.

I flattened it out.

Ruth's piece.

Carla's piece (which later inspired my solo piece).

Deb's piece.

Peggy's piece.

Julia's piece.

Leann's piece.

Next, Carla had us just make stuff on our own.  Here is what we came up with:

Wait...this might have been the collaborative one...I think that is Joan holding it.

One of Joan's solo pieces.

Joan's other solo piece.

My solo piece (inspired by Carla's first one).

One of Ruth's solo pieces -- the other photo came out really blurry...sorry, Ruth!

Carla's stuff.

Deb's solo piece.

(the photos got out of order and I can't seem to switch them around now on the blog...hmmm...)

This is Leann's again.

I'm not sure who this one belongs to.

Peggy's solo piece.

Julia's solo piece.

One of Leann's solo pieces.

Another Leann solo piece.

Leann also brought two new voodoo boxes for Deb to take to the sewing/fabric expo.

I love these voodoo boxes so much!

Gosh.  I just really, really love these!

I had such a great time tonight -- I can't wait for next month!

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