Thursday, October 13, 2011

365 Day 286 (make up entry)

box weights and embroidery floss

This is a cheaty-pants make up entry for Day 286 that I am really posting today (Friday)...I was feeling horrible yesterday when I came home from my doctor appointment because of all of these stupid allergies. I'm feeling better today.

Today was a time-consuming shopping/errands day.

I went to two different hardware stores and then ended up at Northville Lumber (where they are always very very nice and helpful). I tried the other two first because they were on my errands route.

I needed to find something to add to my Tookies boxes for Art-o-mat as weight for vending the boxes in the machines. I used to use six pennies in a box but that got kinda old and didn't look very good.

I ended up spending a little more than I had in mind, but these washers will be fairly easy to secure to the inside of the boxes.

I also needed to get more embroidery floss to work on the Tookies (and Tooklets). This time, however, I took some thumbs from the gloves so I could better match the colors...duh!

Man -- there are SO many variations of colors and they really, really make a huge difference. I was at JoAnn Fabrics forever going through all the colors...I am really glad I took the thumbs with me.

I also needed to get some teensy safety pins and some more pearl cotton thread for basting holding seams. I don't know if that is the correct terminology but I it makes sense to me.

Aside from the 100 Tookies I am already making for Art-o-mat, Tookies were accepted by Paint Creek Center for the Arts for their Holiday Gift Gallery! I need to make 20 to start with. I have a lot of work to do!

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