Sunday, October 16, 2011

365 Day 289

wow -- I need a short break!

I decided to wait until tomorrow to exchange the yarn (from yesterday). I got a lot done on these 20 Tookies today!

It is a little hard to see it in these photos, but this was an all-day job.

Here is the bin full of Tookies after they all received their side seams. These Tookies all have two seams (instead of the single side seam that the Art-o-mat Tookies have).

And here they are with their oh-so-soft bottom edges on now. I just want to keep putting them on all of my fingers, they feel that good...LOL.

They are beginning to get some personality now, too. All that is left -- in the construction phase -- is their "hair".

I am hoping to work on that tonight and finish up before I go to bed, but for right now I need a dinner break...and to rest my hands for a bit.

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