Saturday, October 8, 2011

365 Day 281 -- part two

two-part blog opening and a closing (part two)
I have to make today's blog entry in two parts because there are lots of photos.

Part Two:
a last look at Unfiltered VI
Funhouse Gallery
Detroit, MI
Juana and Ruth and I went to have a last look at Unfiltered VI at Mike Kelly's Funhouse Gallery tonight. We went before the closing reception started...didn't stay to see the band.

This was my first and only time viewing the show in person. Wow.

I missed seeing all of the movie posters from Ghana, but I got to see more art on vinyl.

I feel so honored to have been a part of this amazing show!

Ruth at a wall of vinyl

close up of my linocut block print "Spirit"

my two collages "Candy" and "Cash"

And there is my linocut block print "Kitsune".

And my "Pie-Eyed Mr. Pickles" in between two of Juana's pieces. How cool is

I think they look pretty neat grouped together.

One of the pieces I would LOVE to purchase -- "Two Evil Aliens and a Time Machine" by our friend Anita Andersons.

Another piece I would love
to purchase -- but can't afford right now -- "Bird" by Anita

I really like this piece by Dan Frasher, too. It is called "Unconditional Love".

And here are Juana's other two incredible toys --
"Peony" and
"Some Day My Log Will Have Something To Say".

close up "Peony"

close up of
"Some Day My Log Will Have Something to Say"

And I say, "Indeed!"

I love that log!

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