Saturday, October 8, 2011

365 Day 281 -- part one

two-part blog opening and a closing

I have to make today's blog entry in two parts because there are lots of photos.

Part One:
Opening Reception
Dia de los Muertos | Day of the Dead
Starkweather Arts Center
Romeo, MI

My friend Juana Moore has a wonderful painting in this group show and we went out to the opening reception on Friday night.

Juana and her painting.

a closer look at Juana's painting

I love photographing people taking photographs. Here is Juana shooting her painting.

Oh look -- our friend Lisa Grix arrived!

Curator of the show -- Heather Hansma -- is interviewed.

Artists Heather Hansma and Jayme Ludwig.

Lisa Grix's new "coffin boxes"!

street view -- LOOK! -- a band -- and an art opening!

one of the windows

You can see Juana's painting from the street!

This is the band: The Hand in the Ocean. They are really great!

Oh look! Jason Driscoll/Kill Taupe arrived! I was snapping photos rapid fire at this point. Juana is saying, "You know she is just going to keep taking pictures until we do something." they hammed it up a bit

a Grix doll by Lisa Grix

this shot was Juana's idea -- cool

okay -- that's enough now -- no more photos -- LOL

paintings by Kill Taupe and Juana Moore

you know I couldn't resist this

Dia de los Muertos | Day of the Dead runs through November 5th
Starkweather Arts Center
219 N. Main
Romeo, MI 48065
(586) 752-5700

See you later tonight in the blog for Part Two!

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