Wednesday, October 26, 2011

365 Day 299

58 Tookies got soft bottom edges today

I ended up going to the dentist twice today. I love nitrous oxide, but that is not the way I wanted to spend my day today.

I got the soft bottom edges put onto 58 of the 90 Tookies that I am working on for Art-o-mat.

They are turning out to be the most colorful Tookies I have ever made. I am pretty darn happy with them so far.

I ordered another color of the Moda Dea Wild yarn that I use for the soft bottom edges. The color I found that I haven't had before is called Russet. I got a message that it was shipped today. Perhaps I will work on the "hair" for these Tookies and then come back and use some of the new color for some of the remaining Tookies...maybe not...I sure would like to finish this step and then go on to the hair stage. Maybe I will just stop for the night...take it easy and just watch television and rest my neck and hands. Yeah...maybe.
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