Wednesday, October 19, 2011

365 Day 292

trying to get the shape the way I want it

This is the "snake for me" that I started a few nights ago. I want his head to be more generic, not so boa constrictor-y. Not cartoony, but definitely not real either.

how I left it the other night

Today I secured him to the wire grid with some masking tape so he wouldn't be so tippy to work on.

a "duh!" moment -- take some photos -- this was the fourth attempt at a new shape

okay...I think I like this one

looking down onto it, as it climbs up towards me

putting the masking tape over the aluminum foil over the paper balls and first boa-ish shaped plaster cloth head

smoothing out the masking tape, trying not to push too hard

temporary face


he's about 74" long

I think I will leave this for a few hours (or until tomorrow) to make sure this is the shape and I plaster cloth it.

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