Sunday, October 9, 2011

365 Day 282

before and after -- might not seem like a lot but it is

I had some faulty wiring in my kitchen that shorted out a wall of electrical outlets. My sister Sue's husband is an electrician, so they came over and he fixed the wiring today. Then they moved the formerly theirs/currently mine elliptical machine for me.

It is slightly hard to tell from the photos, but I can now MOVE around again behind my desk. It wasn't such a big deal before, but now that I am using the papers more often -- and since I made those six balls-on-tomato-cages guys -- things were getting really cramped back there.

before -- with the elliptical machine along the back doorwall and the paper rack spread fully open, leaning against the curtains to stand up

sans machine, with curtains open

after -- now I can walk up to (and get behind) the paper rack and it stands on its own without leaning against the curtains without the machine and its mat

the paper rack can stand on its own now

I can walk into the CD closet again without fear of taking a spill when I tried to climb over the end of the machine that stuck into the closet.

I also tidied up the cabinet area where my Leann Meixner voodoo boxes are.

I was going to get back to work on Tooklets again, but making this video seemed more important...LOL.

I can take a little spin in the studio again!!! (That was as fast as I could go while trying to stay quiet and hold the camera.) (Three things I love: cotton candy, turning my tongue blue, and spinning in circles.)

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