Friday, October 7, 2011

365 Day 280

an afternoon (and night) with Juana Moore

It has been a long, long time since my friend Juana Moore and I have been able to spend some time like this!

First we stopped at the Northville Art House and chatted with friends Carla Morabito and Joan Potter Thomas. We viewed the current show "Outside-In", a landscape show. I am not going to show every single piece in this blog will have to go and see the show in person yourself! Opening reception for "Outside-In" is tonight, during all of the First Friday festivities in downtown Northville.

Here is Joan at the top of the stairs, welcoming us to the exhibit.

This is a pretty large is in the main gallery upstairs as well as in the lower level.

This is "Catbirds" by Topher is a pretty amazing piece. From far away (without my glasses on) it looked like a painting in an ornate frame.

detail, "Catbirds" frame

detail, "Catbirds" frame

But out of all of the landscapes, this is my very favorite.

"Sweet Meadow" by Jennifer Treece.

"Sweet Meadow" detail

"Sweet Meadow" detail

"Sweet Meadow" detail

Go and see this delightful painting and find the other heart!

Next Juana and I went to Plymouth Coffee Bean Co. for savory crepes and coffee (Juana had "dirty" chai instead of coffee). Deeeee-lish. We brought home dessert for later.

Then we went to see Peggy Kerwan at the opening reception for her solo show "Mixed Musings" in the Civic Center Atrium Gallery at Novi Civic Center. It is a lovely space and a lovely show by a lovely, lovely artist and new friend. You really must see this show in person!

Artist Peggy Kerwan with my very favorite piece in the show.

This is entitled "Island Life"

Juana and I both really liked this piece -- "Inside the Nest"

Wow -- even Peggy's beautiful dress was hand painted!

This one is actually tied for first place for my favorite...there were too many people in front of it the first time around.

This is "Myth of the Eclipse"

And here is another that really caught my eye -- "East Coast Rose".

I love the overall feel of the piece and as you move in for a closer look you are totally wowed by all of the details and teensy pieces of inclusions. I really love how the painting carries over onto the frame.

Peggy paints on rice paper and repurposed bits and pieces to bring such wonderful details to her work.

"East Coast Rose" detail

"East Coast Rose" detail

"East Coast Rose" detail

"East Coast Rose" detail

Go and see this delightful show -- you will really love it!

Next Juana and I came back to my house to PLAY MAGIC: THE GATHERING!!! It has been forever since we played. Twink got to visit with his friend Juana, too. We ordered an amaaaazing pizza from Benito's and played and laughed and played and had our dessert from earlier and just had a fabulous time and then it was 1 a.m. Great day!


Armored Hearts said...

What made Juana's 'dirty' chai dirty? Was the barista topless.. Seriously though, you guys saw some great works. I like that Sweet Meado piece too.. Very cool. I need to get down there and check it out soon.

Carla said...

So, we definitely have all the same favorites.... :p

Leann said...

Great shows and a great day!!

Took said...

Frann -- yes, come soon!

Carla -- of course we like the same stuff!

Leann -- thanks, it was a great day!

jenni2277 said...

I was just curious what would happen if I googled myself and I found this!!! I painted Sweet Meadow. So neat it was your fav! Thanks!!!!!!

Took said...

Hey -- that's really cool. Thanks for commenting.

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