Sunday, October 30, 2011

365 Day 303

adding a layer

Hmmm...remember a few days ago w
hen I glued a few block print test prints down to cigar box lids? I really liked the simplicity of this guy on the lid with the stark border and some of the images just barely showing through on the bear and down at the corner. Tonight I was looking at it and trying to figure out what else I could do to it to add some dimension but not totally busy it up.

The bear is printed on pale green mulberry paper. Tonight I tore a vaguely bear-shaped hole out of a piece of white mulberry paper. I like it a lot so isn't totally dry yet so maybe it will change a little.

I like the way the i
nclusions in the white mulberry paper tone down the border on the lid. I like the way the two papers blend together. I like that you can see the green paper's inclusions under the ink in (and around) the bear and that the bear's outline is light green because I am used to seeing it only in white.

I like the green inclusions in the g
reen paper and the white ones in the white paper at the bottom of the box lid.

What can I say -- I like this a lot so far!

1 comment:

Leann said...

I like this a lot so far, too.

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