Wednesday, October 5, 2011

365 Day 278

What a fabulous phone call!

The phone rang this morning and the Called ID was the last name of one of my doctors. I figured it was an appointment reminder or something. I answered and * surprise * it was artist (and new bud) Leann Meixner! Leann was calling to see if she could come over and bring the voodoo boxes I purchased from her last show (and also bring over the ones that Ruth bought).

I am SO thrilled that Leann came over. She wanted to look around in my studio and she said such wonderful things to me. Wow. I am so happy I met Leann...I love, love, LOVE her art and I am delighted to begin a friendship with her, too.

LOOK -- Leann is in MY studio -- next to one of her voodoo boxes.

This is "Finish" -- as in Finish What You're Doing.
This box is SO me. I knew exactly where it NEEDED to go when I saw it in the show that Leann and another mutual friend - Joan Potter Thomas - had recently at Liberty Street Brewing Company in Plymouth, MI.

"Finish" side view

"Finish" hanging on the wall. What a great way to begin to fill up that space on my studio wall! It makes me want to bring out some of my other still-boxed-up stuffs.

Here is another of the three boxes I got. This is "Now" -- as in Now Now Now Now Now Right NOW! me!

And here is the third one -- "Think" -- as in Put On Your Thinking Cap. Yet another reminder for me...I can do things I don't think I can do initially if I just THINK about it.

Front view of "Think"

I want to put NOW and Think in places where I will see them and be inspired by them. For now, they are residing with Finish and I can look straight at them from my desk in my studio.

I am sure they will let me know where they need to be.

Now I'm all excited and revved up -- and inspired -- to get back to work on the Tookies. Maybe I will work on some plaster cloth tonight!


Leann said...

Thank you so, for the hospitality, the tour, and the sale. What a wonderful house, and wonderful life. Proud to be your bud!

Took said...

Awww...THANKS, Leann!

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