Saturday, October 15, 2011

365 Day 288

progress on the 20 Tookies continues -- AND -- something amazing (to me)

Today all 20 of the Tookies for Paint Creek got their "holding" seams...along both fingers on the top, on both sides, and along the bottom edge.

I took a break and then I was going to start the various colorful embellishments (sides, tops and bottoms) but it turned out I didn't have very much of the yarn I use for the sides. Drat. I had to get dressed again and go back out.

But, I took samples of the yarn I was hoping to replenish (in case I had to try to describe it to someone)...I can never remember if it comes from Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics. It turns out I must've gotten it at JoAnn's because Michael's didn't have anything like it. Well, they had something kind of sort of similar but it was a different thickness of the yarn. Can you tell that I am not someone who does a lot of knitting or crocheting?

The Tookies in their little holding bin, waiting patiently for me to go out and get more yarn.

YAY -- JoAnn's had the yarn I was looking for AND they had two colors I was unfamiliar with!

But -- much to my amazement -- for my purposes, these two colors are the same!

This yarn has some sort of puffy "covering" that I cut and pull off. (I swear there must be a use for the stuff that I don't need.)

The brown-covered yarn is really lovely underneath -- shades of sage + moss green and slate + light blue.

I already knew about the red/purple/pink jewel tones one with the red covering.

I just cannot get over that these two yarns look SO different but are actually the same underneath the puffy covering!

I was familiar with the pink-covered yarn and I thought I'd hit the jackpot with a second "new" color combo. Wah--waaaaaahhhh. I will take back one of each of these two color combos and get two more of the brown ones tomorrow. ONE more trip back there -- that is enough!

I am pretty much out of the mood to work on Tookies any more tonight now. Maybe I will change my mind later'd be cool if I did. It'd give me a head start on tomorrow since I have to go back to JoAnn's again. It's funny...JoAnn's is someplace I go (on my own) maybe two times a year...but tomorrow will make three days in a row. Geez.

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