Tuesday, October 11, 2011

365 Day 284

coloring paper

Whoa -- how did it get to be Tuesday night already???? Benadryl, you giveth (some relief from my allergy symptoms) but you taketh away (entire afternoons/early evenings). Ah well...get to work, Took!

Tonight I am putting color on paper for the ATCs I need to get done in time for tomorrow evening's trade. I love the alcohol inks so much. And yet, they are not acting like I am used to them acting. Perhaps it has to do with the sprayer...I have larger bottles of inks with pump sprayers -- they didn't have those at Scrappy Chic (where we meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month) but they DID have individual teensy mist bottles and the small bottles of ink in colors that I didn't have...fair trade off I'd say.

I think maybe that the ink dried almost immediately as it hit the paper in that fine, fine mist rather than sitting on top of the paper in bigger drops like I am used to...and the colors usually blend more easily...and I usually need to mop up pools of color.

The alcohol inks in the colors I didn't have and the
wonderful little mist bottles.

The sheet of paper -- not exactly what I had in mind but I really really like it a lot. The colors are really intense in person.

I guess the point-and-shoot camera isn't sure what it is trying to focus on...LOL...but you get the idea anyway.

Now to get back to work on the cards!

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