Friday, October 14, 2011

365 Day 287

twenty Tookies progress

Today I chose the fingers for the twenty Tookies I am making for Holiday Gift Gallery at
Paint Creek Center for the Arts in
Rochester, M

It would be really cool if they sell out and I need to make a second batch.

I stuffed them into their own envelopes so I could keep the button eyes with the fingers.

You can't tell on some of the Tookies in this shot, but they ALL have eyes, eyelashes and mouths -- whew!

I am pretty happy with the way they are turning out so far!

I'd like to get these completed over the weekend and make the appointment to take them out to the gallery and check them in. Then I can get back into production on the 100 Tookies for Art-o-mat.


Woodie said...

you are so organized with this! I love seeing the process. And they turned out wonderful, too!

Took said...

I always appreciate you comments, Woodie...thanks!

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