Friday, October 28, 2011

365 Day 301

repurpose-ing cigar box lids and test prints

I have a number of cigar box lids that Leann Meixner gave to me. Tonight I am beginning to repurpose three more of them.

This box lid is a long rectangle.

I used one of my test prints for my block print called "Kitsune" and wrapped the lid like a present.

I like the images showing through the paper.

This almost looks like it could be made into the cover of a book or sketchbook or something.

Here is another one of the cigar box lids. I love the bright yellow color with red wood grain pattern.

I tore around the image and glued it to the lid.

Again, I really like seeing the images and words coming through the white areas on the test print.

One more box lid tonight.

I almost like this just as it is. I like the colors and the border on the lid.

I have no idea how I will finish any of these yet. I just wanted to get started on them.

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