Sunday, July 24, 2011

365 Day 205

the story continues...

Okay. I was planning on doing a third large plaster cloth guy today but (thankfully) I couldn't find the smaller yellow ball I was looking is in my studio somewhere. It actually is a good thing that I can't locate that ball because my back is reeeeeeeeeeeally hurting today. I guess I put myself into some bad positions while I was working on the other two plaster cloth guys and I am paying for it today.

So. Instead I will show the progress on the painting that I first started working on back on Day 39. Another layer was added on Day 41. Here is Day 133...this is the last layer I blogged about that I can find. I know I've worked on it between 41 and 133 but I must not have labeled it the same way.

Anyway. Here is the current version of the piece. The guy in the middle is definitely a monster now.

This is how he looked just prior to working on him.

Ooh...a nose and mouth. I rarely draw a nose. I like it a lot.

I have been viewing the stars as eyes up until now.

Then as I looked more closely I could see what looked like closed eyes.

So I inked them in.

To me it looks like he is either dreaming the two other guys in the painting or he is closing his eyes so he doesn't have to see them...not sure which it is yet.

I like the story line of both ideas.

And so the story continues...still not done yet.

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