Monday, July 18, 2011

365 Day 199

carving, printing, printing some more, carving some more

Yay -- Monday night -- that means relief printmaking class!

Today (at home) I tweaked the carving I made during the second week of class. Shaqe kept telling me to "do more" to give it more texture, use more techniques, create gray areas, give it more motion, in general "DO MORE". So today I thought I'd fill up as much of the carving area as I could so she couldn't tell me to "do more"...LOL. I like how this has turned out. And -- of course -- Shaqe was right. The more I did to it, the more I learned about what has been seeping in over these weeks. I wasn't consciously creating gray areas, I was consciously trying to create some motion in the windy lines, I wasn't consciously trying to add texture...but it all got in there by the end. Bottom line, I like it.

getting ready to print at home

the no-more-room-to-do-more linocut carving

an early print of the initial outline of the fox/lady-creature

a print of the carving after several weeks of "doing more" to it...a little at a time

(sorry for the blurry photos...available light from the skylight was failing in the guest bathroom...long exposure)

a decent print from today of how the carving looks now

Now...on to class!

getting ready to make prints with red ink...first color of my 2 colors of ink lesson

the paper placed over the inked linocut -- I don't know why I was kinda surprised to see the red coming through...I guess I am just used to the black ink

my 7 prints laid out to dry...that's all I could physically do tonight

Carla's prints laid out to dry -- Carla needed to leave class early tonight (no doubt she could have done more)

my linocut "after"

For the rest of the class time tonight, Shaqe gave me some one-on-one guidance for merging some of my characters into one carving...telling a story with it...creating a narrative...placing them in different ways/directions. I moved them around and flipped them to change their direction and landed on this...I like it a lot.

So I used the charcoal on the underside of the tracing paper and transferred the images onto the block...

...only it wasn't feeling "right"...they weren't coming out like they looked on the tracing paper...

...and when I made the first cut with the tool I only made a scratch...duh...I was so caught up in conversation with Shaqe that I didn't realize I was using the wrong side of the block...LOL

But it was cool because now I had the characters positioned the way I wanted them and I re-traced them as a single drawing instead of two separate ones.

And that made the transfer easier.

there...that's much better!

the initial outline of the inside of the lines -- I will carve the rest of the outline at home and then take it back to class next week -- Shaqe will help me to figure out where to take it from there

This is really cool to have two characters from different pages in my sketch book "meet" on a single block for the first time. I like how these images are able to interact and form a picture and tell a story.

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